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PDF Export is an Advance documents to PDF converter for iPhone and iPad.
You can scan the documents and convert them in to PDF

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Features - PDF Export

PDF Export is a PDF converter app that will help you view, edit, convert and capture various PDF documents into one file. With this app you can also scan various PDF files, images and create your own PDF file.

You can convert various PDF documents into images and vice versa. You can even merge multiple files into one PDF document and edit them with your custom watermark.

To make it more accessible and user-friendly we have enabled cloud sharing and file manager features, with special options for private storage and sharing.

Convert to PDF from any file that you have in your iPhone and iPad. Documents like Word, Excel, Powerpoint or iWorks, webpage, photos and even clipboard you can convert them into PDF.

  • Advance PDF Scanner - Scan Images, Add PDF file, Free Hand Drawing, Map Snap, Rich Text Editor to create PDF file.
  • Documents to PDF converter - convert office documents to PDF.
  • Web to PDF - Convert website pages to PDF.
  • Merge PDF - Merge multiple PDF files.
  • Split PDF - Split pages from PDF and export them as new PDF.
  • PDF to Images - Convert PDF file to Images
  • Add Watermark - Add text or image into PDF as a Watermark.
  • Rotate PDF - Rotate PDF pages.
  • Add Page number - Set Page number in PDF.
  • Unlock PDF - Remove Password from PDF file.
  • Cloud Sharing - iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box.net, SugarSync, Evernote, WebDav Server, FTP Server, etc.
  • File Manager - Manage files with different folder and other file management features like Copy, Move, Delete, Rename, Make Zip, Unzip, Email, etc.
  • Private folder - Save your private data in the Private (Password Protected) Section.
  • WiFi and FTP Sharing - Access your PDF Export files directly into your Computer or Mac over WiFi Connection.


Yes. You can add multiple PDF file using select file option in scanner.
Yes. You can convert PDF file to Images (JPEG).
Yes. You can merge multiple PDF file to single PDF file
Yes You can. You can put your private recordings in the Private Section. Its protected with your password and can't be accessed without password.
Office documents like .doc, .ppt, .xls, .pages, keynote ,image etc.


PDF Scanner
Online PDF Converter
PDF Converter
Web to PDF
Merger PDFs
Split PDF
PDF to Images
Add Watermark
Edit PDF
Add Page no.
Roate PDF
Unlock PDF
Text file to PDF
Image to PDF
Upload to Cloud
FTP Sharing
File Sharing Using Wifi


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